Quality Clauses

The Quality Assurance provisions referenced on the purchase order, by clause number, are detailed in the following listing.  These provisions with their terms and conditions become an integral part of the purchase specified to the extent in the purchase order, and become a supplement to the presently existing terms and conditions of the purchase order.  All specifications and standards referenced in this document are the latest issue in effect unless otherwise specified.

Failure to meet the requirement of the imposed clauses will result in the rejection and possible return of the material submitted to Digitran Quality Assurance.


QA1 - First Article Inspection
A written acceptance by Digitran QA department of First Article or unit produced or processed against this order is required before subsequent production or processing is authorized.  The vendor must submit a copy of an associated First Article report and (3) related parts to Digitran.  The vendor must notify Digitran in sufficient time to permit a minimum of (2) working days for scheduling of First Article inspection.

QA2 - Source Inspection
Items covered by this purchase agreement require Digitran source inspection prior to shipment.  Digitran QA department must be notified in sufficient time to permit a minimum of (2) working days to schedule source inspection.  All applicable documents and equipment must be made available by the vendor.  Only parts, which have been accepted by the vendor, may be submitted.  Source inspection does not relieve the vendor of any of the requirements of the purchase agreement and Digitran reserves the right to accomplish final acceptance at destination.

QA3 - Change Approval
Approval must be obtained from Digitran in writing prior to making any change to any drawing, specification and/or other document pertaining to this purchase order.

QA4 - Government Source Inspection
Government source inspection is required prior to shipment from the vendor’s facility.  Upon receipt of this order, the vendor should promptly notify the government representative who normally services the vendor’s facility to enable appropriate planning for government inspection.

QA5 - Inspection /Test Report
The vendor shall furnish a copy of the final inspection report, signed by the Quality Assurance Manager or authorized representative.  When acceptance testing is required, the vendor shall include a signed copy of the test results with the inspection report.  The actual data provided shall comply with the purchase agreement and shall be shipped with the product.  When required by drawing and/or specification, the report shall be identifiable to each item furnished.

QA6 - Electrostatic Sensitive Devices
The material on this purchase order is considered sensitive to electrostatic discharge.  The supplier shall provide effective protection for devices delivered, and packages shall be marked with an ESD warning symbol.

QA7 - Chemical/Physical Analysis of Raw Material
Each shipment of raw material shall be accompanied by a complete analysis/test report identifiable to the material or a statement substantiating that physical and chemical test data is on file at the facility of the material supplier.  Originals or true copies of such test data shall be available for review by Digitran Quality Assurance.

QA8 - Material Certification
One copy of each material certification as furnished by the raw material supplier must be submitted for each lot of raw material used in performing the terms of this purchase agreement.  Digitran reserves the right to acquire a sample of the material used during fabrication to have properties confirmed by Digitran or an independent test laboratory.

QA9 - Certification of Plating
A Certificate of Analysis indicating that the plating meets the chemical and physical requirements, as delineated in the applicable specification must accompany the material supplied on the purchase order.

QA10 - Quality Management System
The vendor must have a quality management system fulfilling the requirements of ISO 9001, 9002, or 9003, as applicable.

QA11- Calibration System
The vendor must implement and maintain a calibration system in accordance with the requirements of MIL-S-45662.  This calibration system shall be verified by the Digitran QA department.

QA12 - Approval of Process/Procedures
Digitran’s written approval of the vendor’s special processes and/or procedures pertinent to this order is required.

QA13 - Certificate of Conformance
The vendor must supply a Certificate of Conformance, in the vendor’s format, signed by the Quality Assurance Manager or authorized representative with each lot of material and/or parts submitted to Digitran.  The Certificate shall indicate that the order meets or exceeds all drawing, specification, and/or purchase order requirements.  Note:  Photocopies will not be accepted.

QA14 - Special Process Certification
The vendor must provide (2) copies of a Certificate of Conformance for each special process used in the production of parts under the terms of this purchase order.  Special processes include heat treating, welding, brazing, soldering, plating, anodic or cathodic coating, and non-destructive testing.

QA15 - Digitran Furnished Material
Items manufactured under this purchase order shall be fabricated from Digitran furnished material.  The vendor shall NOT substitute or dispose of Digitran furnished material unless instructed in writing by Digitran.  Unused material properly identified shall be returned upon request or last shipment of product.  With each shipment of parts the vendor shall submit (2) copies of a certificate, verifying the use of Digitran furnished material, and signed by the Quality Assurance Manager or authorized representative.

QA16 - Age-Sensitive Material
Materials furnished to Digitran with a limited shelf life shall be supplied with an accompanying batch number, date of manufacture or date of expiration, and must at time of receipt at Digitran have at least 75% shelf life remaining.  Each unit container shall be labeled or marked with the above information.  Any special storage or handling conditions shall be clearly specified.

QA17 - Solderability
External leads, pins, and terminals intended to be used in a solder connection shall meet the solderability test requirements specified in MIL-STD-202, Method 208, MIL-STD-750, Method 2026, or MIL-STD-883, Method 2003.

QA18 - Soldering
All products supplied under this purchase order shall be assembled, soldered, and inspected in accordance with IPC-A-610.

QA19 - Packaging of Axial-Leaded Components (Tape and Reel)
Components supplied under this purchase order shall meet the requirements of EIA Standard RS-296-D.

QA20 - Digitran-Furnished Tooling
Vendor’s procedures for customer-furnished tooling shall contain provisions for examination of tooling upon receipt to detect damage, care to ensure adequate storage conditions, and functional testing, if applicable.  When Digitran-furnished tooling is found damaged, malfunctioning or otherwise unsuitable for use, the vendor shall immediately furnish a report describing the nonconforming condition to Digitran.

QA21 - Foreign Object Debris/Damage (FOD)
The supplier shall develop and maintain a Foreign Object Debris/Damage (F.O.D.) prevention program for manufacturing areas to prevent introduction of foreign objects into any item delivered under this purchase order.

QA22 - Flow down requirements
The supplier shall flow down to their suppliers the applicable requirements of this purchase order, including any key characteristics.

QA23 - Right of Access
Digitran Co., Electro Switch and/or their customers or regulatory authorities shall have right of access to all facilities involved in this order and to all applicable records.

QA24 - Material Traceability
Supplier shall maintain a method of item traceability that ensures tracking of the material back to the original manufacturer. The traceability method shall clearly identify the name and location of all supply chain intermediaries; and shall include the manufacturer’s batch identification for the item(s) such as date code, lot number, serial number or other batch identification. These traceability records shall be maintained for a period no less than 10

QA25 - Counterfeit parts prevention
Seller bears the responsibility of delivering authentic goods or items from its suppliers, subcontractors or OEM�s. Brokers shall also maintain a method of traceability that ensures tracking of the supply chain back to the OEM manufacturer and shall supply records of this traceability to buyer upon request or is compliant with SAE AS5553, or AS6174 whichever may apply.

QA26 - Ethics Statement
Electro Switch Corp. values relationships that are grounded in a shared commitment to performing in accordance with the highest standards of professional business conduct and encourages all suppliers to implement an effective ethics program, including adopting a written code of conduct. In performance of this contract, both parties are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the principles expressed in Defense Industry Initiative Model Supplier Code of Conduct available at https://www.dii.org/featured-tools.