300 Series Digiswitch®

300 Digiswitch


This Series 300 meets or exceeds the industry standard in applications that allow the convenience of large switches and call for all but the most rigid environmental requirements. The Digiswitch® offers more available options, output codes and special termination features than any other thumbwheel.

  • QPL approved to MIL-S-22710/12
  • 8, 10, 12, and 16 Standard Dial Positions
  • Rear Mounted
  • Switch O.D. size 12.7 millimeters (.500 inches) wide x 47.75 millimeters (1.88 inches) high

When ordering qualified switches in accordance to MIL-S-22710 you must state requirements on your order for proper processing by the factory.

300 Series Digital Switch PDF

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