Digitran unit of Electro Switch Corp.

Digitran has a long and proud history providing the right high reliability switch products for aerospace markets since 1959 when Digitran introduced the first coded output Thumbwheel switch product line. So universal and popular is this family of products, that the U.S. military wrote a specification for them, MIL-S-22710, to specify their use in combat platforms, communications systems, and defense equipment for use throughout the free world militaries. Because these switches are highly reliable, are lightweight, feature sunlight readability and specialty lighting for NVIS and other special cockpit low light applications, they continue to be utilized on most U.S. and Allied military platforms in service today. Digitran has manufactured and delivered an estimated 3+ million switches. Expanded switch products, like lever switches and pushbutton switches are designed to solve specific customer needs as new applications evolved.

A Unit of Electro Switch Corp., Digitran continues to provide our established customer base with proven high reliability switch products. We list as our customers many of the Fortune 100 companies, making their products more competitive in their markets. Digitran has continued the tradition of introducing the right switch products for our industries. An AS9100D registered company, our Very Low Profile (VLP®) Rotary Switch families reduce the post panel depth of conventional rotary switches by up to 80% and weight by up to 75%. This gives the designer more room behind the operator panel to add more electronics providing the system with more functionality in less space and weight than that of his or her competitor.  Qualified under MIL-DTL-3786/4 and /13, Digitran rotary switches incorporate revolutionary techniques that provide unique design elements not available from other manufacturers.

Digitran, the “VERY LOW PROFILE SWITCH” company is still providing the right switch products at the right time helping our customers gain and maintain a competitive edge in their markets.

Digitran building