Digital Switches


Digital Thumbwheel Switches

Mil-Spec Coded Indicator Wheel Rotary Switch
Designed to meet MIL-S-6807, 21604, 15291, and 18396 requirements, MIL-PRF-22710 Qualified, bi-directional, positive positioning and manufactured for hostile environments. Manufactured with multiple options available including custom legends on the indicator wheel, case color, case material, RF Shielding, Illuminated and Nonilluminated, Night Vision Filtering, custom indicator wheel stops and more.

Digital Switch Truth Tables Reference

200/700 Series Miniswitch®
300 Series Digiswitch®
8000 Series Miniswitch®
9000 Series Miniswitch®
13000 Series Digiswitch®
23000 Series Snap-in Slimswitch®
29000 Series Miniswitch®
43000 Series Miniswitch®
44000 Series Slimswitch®
45000 Series Slimswitch®

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